Bob The Brawler

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Bob the Brawler


Made for Ludum Dare 45.


Start with nothing but your fists, and punch your way into becoming the ultimate brawler!

Explore numerous maps, fight off endless baddies, and collect powerups/item drops; they make you stronger


Potion- adds potion to inventory; Space to consume; (heals increase with difficulty)

Package- increases max health; gives walls and potions

Strength Powerup- exponentially increases attack power; (lasts longer with difficulty)

Barrage Powerup- enters a barrage of auto attacks; (lasts longer with difficulty)

Range Powerup- increases attack range and view distance; (lasts longer with difficulty)


WASD- Move

Space- Heal

Left Mouse- Attack

Right Mouse- Build

Q/P- Toggle Pause

M- Toggle Mute

R- Restart Game

K- Toggle Fullscreen


A grave disagreement with the Ski Mask Baddies forces Bob to end his Building career for good. However, dissatisfied with just his unemployment, the Baddies are out for his life! Now, Bob the previous Builder becomes Bob the Brawler; living only to defend himself from the Baddies breaking into his warehouse, in hopes of regaining his positions, and...punching off... some steam!! (>:[=)


Programming/Design- @danidre

Art/Audio- @AXLplosion