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Made for Ludum Dare 45 and Geta Game Jam 11!

You've just found Miscen! But...there she goes again...

  • Why is your charger missing? Your laptop just died because of it! :angry:
  • Who stole your watering can? Your plants died from having nothing to drink! :sob:
  • Miscen keeps taking your belongings, can you get them back?

    Solve these riddles and find Miscen before something goes horribly wrong!

    How to Play:

    The riddles show you where Miscen is hiding. Press E on an object to make a guess/search for Miscen there. After you find Miscen, return the item to win!

    If you guess incorrectly, you lose 10 seconds! Solve the riddles, find Miscen, and return the items before time runs out.


  • [WASD/Arrows]: Move
  • [E]: Interact/Search
  • [M]: Show/Hide Riddle Sheet
  • Made for Ludum Dare 46 and Geta Jam 11!


  • Art- rbatistadelima
  • Audio/Composer- JasmineCooper
  • Design- TMG
  • Programming- danidre