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During scientific research as a Osuldorb, you went off into another galaxy, with your best friend Chudwe, using the high-tech Derodonal device. At your arrival to a planet you are greeted by many different hostile Nielderthands. During the chaos that broke out, you are separated from the Derodonal device, and now have to find it. Unfortunately for you, these Nielderthands are all very poisonous, which results in death on touch, and Chudwe jumped strait into one. He disintegrated in a flash.

There are also other materials out there that can result in death, since on this planet, almost everything is linked.

You now have to find your way to the Derodonal device, and figure out how to get there. There are signs that may or may not be helpful on the way.

Collect Metons to increase your Mation power. You need at least 500 Mations to power up your Derodonal device.

Movement is unknown. Multiple keys can be pressed to do the same thing.

You have to find out what does what and what goes where.

So unfortunately for this monster species, they die instantly, as in game over, their life is gone.

At least there is an option to start life afresh.

P.S. - Use Z to shoot.

Made in 17 hours for LDJAM

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